The CABSAN C-13 phenolic cab corresponds to the type of cabins most commonly used in difficult environments.
Made of 13 mm antibacterial compact laminated panels, it is assembled with quality nylon hardware, designed and manufactured in France, the CABSAN C-13 HPL cab can be adapted to all environments (dry or wet).
The assembly is easy and it offers a good quality resistance.
Main applications: shower cubicles, undressing cubicles, toilet cubicles
Destinations: swimming pools, sports halls, campsites, industry, public reception areas...

The CABSAN C-13 sanitary cabin is available in 2 versions


CABSAN C-13 (pieds standards) - plan de cabine pour camping CABSAN

Standard foot adjustment from 140 to 170 mm (recommended 150 mm)

cabines santaires CABSAN - sanitärkabinen CABSAN - sanitary cabins

CABSAN C-13 (pieds renforcés) FRANCE
quincailleries et accessoires :

Reinforced foot adjustment from 90 to 130 mm (recommended 110 mm)

cabines santaires CABSAN - casiers métalliques CABSAN - accessoires sanitaires CABSAN

The RIGHT PROFILE (headband) for sanitary cabins

 quincailleries et accesoires cabine sanitaire CABSAN France, bandeau  de façade
cabine compact phénolique CABSAN
CABINE DOUCHE CABSAN  en stratifié compact phénolique

The connection of the facade panels is enhanced by a grey lacquered aluminium strip RAL 7038 offering high quality rigidity and aesthetics

Hardware for HPL cabins

quincaillerie de cabine sanitaire CABSAN , charnière nylon
cabine sanitaire CABSAN , accessories for sanitary cabins CABSAN, paumelle nylon
quincaillerie cabine sanitaire - CABSAN , CABSAN stüdzen für sanitärkabinenpince étrier nylon
quincaillerie de cabines sanitaires- zubehör für CABSAN sanitärkabinen - accessories for CABSAN sanitary cabins
 accessoires pour cabines de douche en stratifié compact CABSAN, cabines wc HPL
quincaillerie pour cabine en stratifié compact phénolique , boutons de tirage CABSAN

The CABSAN C-13 sanitary cabin is equipped with high-quality nylon hardware in the RAL 7038 colour range 2. (other colours on request)

It is supported by height-adjustable feet,

It is fixed by 3 clamps - bracket on the height. ( The notch of the panels allows them to reach the stop)

It is equipped with - a spring hinge and 2 neutral hinges. The closed door position is therefore automatic.

                           - a lock with free / busy light ( red / white).

                           - a 50 mm double pull button for excellent grip.



A good QUALITY / PRICE ratio

High quality HARDWARE

Easy ASSEMBLY (installation instructions)

Designed for DIFFICULT environments

Excellent shock resistance

cabine sanitaire stratifié compact,phenolic sanitary cabin,phenolische sanitärkabine



click cabines de douche en stratifié compactHPL - casiers vestiaires métalliques
compact laminated sanitary cabin
SANITARY CABIN CABSAN-phenolic sanitary cabin,CABSAN phenolische sanitärkabine
Equipement sanitaire FRANCE - cabines sanitaires stratifié compact

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compact laminated sanitary cabin
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