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Whatever system you choose, interior blinds decorate doors and windows and modulate the light in the room while providing a touch of decoration (modern, classic, trends, etc.).

a wide choice that adapts to all types of premises (offices, homes ...)

Japanese partition blinds, boat blinds, blackout curtains.


Made in FRANCE


It is composed of an aluminum rail, PVC accessories and independent textile panels, available in a wide choice of patterns and colors.

The operation is carried out by sliding the panels in the rail, for comfortable and silent use.

Separating a room in two, closing a storage space or even dressing up a large picture window: so many possibilities offered by this remarkable product.

First quick to install, it is also very easy to disassemble for maintenance.

Refined and design, the Japanese partition blind ultimately represents the perfect symbiosis between ergonomics and harmony.

stores décoration CABSAN, cloison japonaise,stores vénitiens,stores californiens,stores bateau
stores décoration CABSAN, cloison japonaise,stores vénitiens,stores californiens,stores bateau


It consists of an aluminum rail, PVC accessories and a load bar slid into a sheath.

The classic maneuver is carried out using a chain, which allows the horizontal folds to be folded vertically to form pretty decorative volumes.

A touch of clarity is preserved with this very aesthetic product.

With panels of different heights to adjust to obstacles and a wide choice of fabrics, pattern and colors, Our awning is adaptable to the mood!

Easily removable, the panels can be removed and machine washed for maintenance: they thus retain their elegance.

stores- stores californiens-stores venitiens-stores bateaux-rideaux d'occultation CABSAN FRANCE - la qualité au meilleur prix



It is composed of a rail (aluminum, steel, wood or brass) and blackout fabrics offered in a wide range of fabrics, colors and patterns.

He seduces with his classic maneuver carried out by a curtain launcher.

Ideal for nurseries, dormitories, projection rooms or classrooms, this curtain is a real solar panel and can plunge a room into total darkness.

store californien - store venitien - store rideau d'occultation CABSAN FRANCE
CABSAN FRANCE - à votre écoute pour un service meilleur au juste prix
SANITARY CABIN CABSAN-phenolic sanitary cabin,CABSAN phenolische sanitärkabine


BP 50037


69811 TASSIN demi lune cedex


Phone: (33) 04 79 79 98 89

Mobile: (33) 07 68 79 91 19


Equipement sanitaire FRANCE - cabines sanitaires stratifié compact
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